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About this site

My name is Tom Conroy, and despite my best efforts you've somehow found your way into my little corner of the internet.

This site is mostly a personal journal. I enjoy talking and writing about technology, so you'll find a lot of that here, with tangents veering off into other directions as it suits me. I hope in some small way this site can provide value to you.

Currently I live in the lovely New York City metropolitan area with my girlfriend and our cat, Cinnamon. I own entirely too many black T-Shirts, and I am the complete Millennial beard-having, beer-drinking, coffee-loving stereotype*.

I am a software engineer by trade, working primarily in web and mobile spaces. Currently I'm employed as a Senior Software Engineer and engineering Team Lead at Squarespace, where I develop digital tools that empower creatives to build amazing things. Working here has been an amazing experience, and I love getting to work on tools that empower individuals to share their voice or start a brand online.

If you're curious about my work history, you can learn more on my timeline page, or clickhere to see what I've most recently been up to.